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Virtual tech connects care home residents throughout winter

Technology has been deployed to support the delivery of a new national campaign, ‘Together With Music’, which has been launched in partnership with Care England and Intergenerational Music Making.

Sponsored by assistive technology-based solutions and services provider Tunstall Healthcare, the project has been designed to lift the spirits of care home residents across the UK this winter.

Facilitated through a virtual platform, the campaign will strengthen and build upon links between education, health, and community organisations through the power of music. A range of interactions will be encouraged between care homes, local schools, youth groups, and choirs including singing songs, clapping and dancing to songs, and selecting different music to share.

The campaign will use technology to nurture community partnerships and empower care staff, teachers and community members to play an active role in their neighbourhoods. Through connection and collaboration, it will build strong, creative and resilient communities, and offer both the young and old an opportunity to explore, develop and come together in music.

Gavin Bashar, UK Managing Director of Tunstall Healthcare, commented: “We’re proud to support ‘Together With Music’ to lift the spirits of care home residents and school children across the UK.

“Our technologies have been developed not just to help people remain safe and independent, but also to keep them connected, and this campaign is a perfect example of how digital solutions can be used to bring people together within their communities.”

Together With Music will build virtual connections between care homes and their communities during the winter months to combat feelings of isolation, depression, and disconnection.

The project will also raise awareness of tackling loneliness and promoting sustainable socialising for some of the UK’s most vulnerable people.

Professor Martin Green, CEO of Care England, added: “Care homes are especially mindful of the need to consider the emotional and spiritual well being of residents whilst restrictions are in place to protect them from Covid-19. This project will bring a ray of sunshine to thousands of lives and help counter feelings of isolation during the winter months.

“The support provided by organisations such as Tunstall is crucial in enabling us to continue delivering campaigns like Together With Music which make a difference to the lives of so many people.”

Music has been recognised as an effective method of engaging people, including those with dementia which make up a large proportion of care home residents. ‘Together With Music’ builds on the impact of the BBC Music for Dementia initiative launched in September as part of World Alzheimer’s Month.

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