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Together with Music launches 'Menu of Services'

We have created a Menu of Services to help support intergenerational connections and encourage new ones. Each activity can be tailored and is unique to the needs of your organisation or group. If you are an existing Together with Music member or yet to sign up, the Menu of Services is designed to complement the existing TwM Programme.

* Whilst the existing TwM programme remains fully free of charge thanks to our sponsors and grants, the workshops and activities featured in the Menu of Services do have an attached cost to them.

Why choose something from the Menu of Services?

  • To ensure connections, relationships and intergenerational practices are sustained

  • To grow and further explore the connections already established

  • To inspire leadership and opportunities for young people

  • To build and sustain connected, resourceful and resilient communities

What are the benefits of engaging in these services?

  • Empower care staff - developing skills and knowledge

  • Reposition care homes as community facing

  • Regulate/standardise Intergenerational music practice to ensure high quality provisions for those in care homes

  • Support those living with dementia through music

  • Empowering residents to raise their voices and be an active part of the care they receive

  • Build strong and thriving connections to better support care homes, residents and staff members through musical networking

How can you activate or choose something from the Menu of Services?

If you're interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us at There are a number of ways you can fund these activities: organise your own fundraising, use existing funds or apply for a local grant. We can advise and offer support.

Want to tailor your own workshop or project? Talk to us! We'd love to hear from you.



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