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About Together With Music

This project will bring a ray of musical sunshine to thousands of lives and help counter feelings of isolation...



We would like to warmly welcome you to ‘Together with Music’ (TwM) , an intergenerational membership platform centred around connection, community and music! Whether you are a care home, sheltered accommodation, school or community group, we want you to be a part of the first UK wide, intergenerational network of connection!

Together with Music is an intergenerational programme created to encourage and inspire community connections both now, in this new virtual world and in the future when we can be together in person once again. 

We have created a platform that will inspire, support and empower care homes, schools and community groups to play an active role within their neighbourhood. Through music and the act of music making, sustainable and creative connections can be made which will, in turn, build stronger, healthier and more integrated communities for years to come. 

We know that life is filled with many challenges and obstacles, rules and restrictions and through Together with Music, we want to guide you through unique and creative ways to support those most vulnerable whilst staying connected to your community. Social distancing does not mean isolation. 

Join the Together with Music community today to access our members zone where you will be able to:

  • Share your song!

  • View shared songs from our members across the UK

  • Access creative resources and activities   

  • Keep up to date with TwM news and exciting events  

  • Take part in TwM monthly LIVE sessions  

  • Be part of the TwM Map of Connection and find local links  

  • Take part in local projects and national events   

  • Find out more about our bespoke training  

If you have any queries, please contact the team at

“Care homes are especially mindful of the need to consider the emotional and spiritual well being of residents whilst restrictions are in place to protect them from Covid-19.
This project will bring a ray of sunshine to thousands of lives and help counter feelings of isolation during the winter months.”
Care England
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Why Intergenerational Music?

We all know music has the ability to connect, to transcend across age, race and background and to empower individuals to raise their voices.

IMM uses the power of music as the catalyst to bridge social divides, build community, expand horizons and open up new perspectives and relationships. Intergenerational practice challenges hierarchy and convention and creates spaces for new conversations and otherwise marginalised voices. Intergenerational music has the ability to:

  • Tackle loneliness and social isolation

  • Create stronger, cohesive communities whilst tackling ageism

  • Improve the mental health and wellbeing of both the young and the old

  • Create lasting relationships through the sharing of culture and heritage

  • Build a thriving network built on music connections

  • Improve the lives of those living with dementia

  • Bridge the gap between generations, promoting connection and compassion

It is imperative, now more than ever, that we encourage a culture of participation, working with communities to shape how things may look in the future.

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​What can we achieve?

There is now the opportunity to build bridges over the traditional fault lines between communities, professionals and sectors and to shift power towards community led health and place- based creative approaches to integrated care. Individuals and their stories, whether sung, spoken, written, drawn, enacted, young or older must be heard, exchanged and recognised. It’s through stories, whether factual or imaginary, that people tell us who they are, where they’ve come from and where they dream of going next.

This initiative will enhance and build upon links between education, health and community organisations to enhance public engagement and increase access to the arts, linking voluntary and strategic organisations. We are using Intergenerational music as a conduit for the sharing of cultural heritage, providing a physical and emotional bond and enhancing individual identity for the young and the old.

The platform will give members:

  • A heightened sense of community

  • A strong creative support network

  • Creative resources centred around connection and compassion

  • Training opportunities for staff

  • Guidance through creating lasting intergenerational connections

This initiative has the capacity to embed an intergenerational matrix across the UK. Through connection and collaboration, we can build strong, creative communities. Through music and the act of music making, we aim to raise awareness, establish links and in turn, tackle loneliness, isolation and promote sustainable socialisation for those most vulnerable.

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