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TwM Live! History with Judy

We hosted another fantastic TwM LIVE! session on Tuesday 30th March with Dr. Judy Hill. This time we offered our members something a little different - a History session! Judy transported us to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert loved to spend time with their family. With Judy's insight we discovered this wonderful residence for ourselves - an escape from court life and a family home by the sea!

One of our Care homes who joined the live session said:

"Our residents really enjoyed the Live History workshop with Dr Judy - good verbal interaction with one of our residents and Dr Judy. This session was a refreshing change of activity for all of us. Looking forward to the live event with Mr Meredith next!"

Our popular bi-weekly TwM LIVE! sessions are for members only. Sign up today here to start your intergenerational journey of connection and to access many more resources, tools, events and activities to inspire and support your organisation!



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