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Together with Music is coming to The One Show!

BBC1’s The One Show recognised our amazing volunteer Graham by giving him One Big Thank You for the kindness he showed to children and care home residents who attended our workshops at Trinity Church in Woking.

Graham shares our passion of tackling loneliness by connecting communities through music.

After the loss of his wife, Graham’s (75) family were concerned how he would manage without her. After a period of profound mourning and sadness the former music teacher took the very bold step of seizing new opportunities and ‘Together with Music’ proved invaluable to him. Whilst ‘Together with Music’ was a lifeline for Graham, true to his character he turned it into an opportunity to help others.

Graham took part in the first project we held after lockdown had ended which took place, close to our offices at Trinity Methodist Church in Woking. For Graham and many people, this was a time of severe loneliness and isolation. The group met every Wednesday for 6 weeks and very quickly, Graham took on a role of supporting the workshop leader; he would be there waiting for the care home bus to pull up to help each resident off and find them a seat. He would also sit with the children, chatting to them and helping calm any anxieties.

Graham’s natural compassion shone through from the first group. He has now become a volunteer for Together with Music and continues to give up his time to help others by leading our regular workshop at Woking.

Tune in to The One Show to see Graham receive his One Big Thank You on Thursday 14th January, 7pm on BBC1.



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