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"Resistance training can 'reduce and reverse' elderly's frailty says academic"

We are currently working with care homes & schools around the UK for an exciting project, Move & Groove, kindly funded by Sir John Beckworth. The project is part of an innovative intergenerational pilot combining music and movement to tackle isolation, create connection and support in the overall wellbeing of young and old.

This project aims to ignite a creative and empowering intergenerational journey.



"Resistance training can 'reduce and reverse' elderly's frailty says academic"

A study by the Scottish university has led academics to conclude that resistance training could help to tackle the negative outcomes linked to people's frailty, including disability and death.

Academics found improvements in the physical strength and function of 11 frail care home residents aged 65+, after they were given a six-week programme to do resistance training on specialised exercise machines for 30-40 minutes, three times a week.



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