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Arts in Care Homes - Who I am

For the past year we have been bringing the residents from Old Hall together with the children from their local primary school in weekly music sessions.

The pandemic meant that these face to face sessions had to be put on hold, however the ladies of Old Hall were keen to share with the children a musical composition which was composed, recorded and showcased to the children on zoom.

We ran 3 sessions (Art, Poetry and Music) all centred around the residents, encouraging them to use creativity to look back at their past with pride. Through the art, poetry and music themes of home and family emerged, we were able to take this and create an original piece of music, celebrating the incredible women involved.

This project ironically came at the same time that the women were told that their care home was being knocked down and they would be moved. The project was powerful in helping these women understand and process this devastating news and acknowledge feelings around this.



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