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An IMM Ambassador - Meet Colin

We want to introduce you to Colin, an IMM Ambassador and integral part of the intergenerational music sessions.

Colin was a writer but went blind in 2016 and feared he would no longer be able to do the thing he loved. The intergenerational sessions brought Colin many wonderful relationships and opportunities where he could share his stories and his voice could be heard.

Colin and 11 year old Izzy hit it off through their shared love for poetry. They would recite to each other, confide in one another and once the project had come to end, Izzy’s parents continued to take her to visit Colin. This time with the children inspired Colin to reignite his love for literature and during lockdown he began to write a new poetry book. He struggled keeping to the usual poetry rules and so created his own, unique kind of writing called 'Venture Poetry' - He is now creating a lesson plan and wants to share his writing and learning with the local primary school.

His first poem is all about his time at the IMM intergenerational music sessions.



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